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Megalube-S Multi-Purpose Grease 35 lb Pail

Product Description

Megalube-S Grease is a polymer lithium complex multi-purpose grease. It provides effective lubrication under high temperature and high impact conditions. Megalube-S is formulated with Tripak AFMT for extreme pressure protection.


Protects in High Impact Conditions. Megalube-S forms an extreme pressure barrier that reduces wear under shock loading and high-temperature conditions.

Prevents Rust. Megalube-S contains rust-inhibiting additives to prevent corrosion in damp conditions.

Resists Water Washout. Megalube-S is extra tacky and resists washout by forming a long-lasting protective shield.

Clings to Metal Surfaces. Megalube-S bonds to metal surfaces, allowing it to stay in place longer, resulting in less grease usage.

Extends Equipment Life. Megalube-S lubricates wear points to help reduce downtime.


Re-apply every maintenance period to help prevent friction, downtime, and unnecessary wear.

Technical Data Sheet